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Turbans and Scarves used by Hue people
January 28, 2008        1,696 views

(Cinet)- In the old time, for the daily life or small festivals, the imperial women often use turbans to wrap around their head.

The Decoration on the clothes of Nung people
January 25, 2008        2,252 views

(Cinet)- Nung people are closely related to the Tay, sharing the same language, customs, religion, traditional folklore and often living in the same villages.

Clothes of the Muong Ethnic
January 17, 2008        2,069 views

(Cinet)- The Muong people have their own identities in decorating their clothes. Muong men dress in shirts which are chest-opened, round-necked, shoulder-horn-made buttoned with two low pockets and sometimes with an upper pocket on the left.

December 20, 2007        2,155 views

Vietnamese girls become milder, more elegant and more delicate when once they put on a hat which gives shelter to their blushing cheeks like a crowing bud protected from sun, rain or rough wind. Now, Vietnamese girls do not like just any conical hat they come upon. The dearest to them is inevitably the one called the "Poetical Leaf ".

Ao ba ba
November 15, 2007        5,527 views

Ao ba ba, (or Vietnamese silk pajamas) - is one of several traditional Vietnamese costumes. It continues to be widely used today.



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