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The Decoration on the clothes of Nung people

January 25, 2008          2252 views

(Cinet)- Nung people are closely related to the Tay, sharing the same language, customs, religion, traditional folklore and often living in the same villages.

Nung people are located in many areas, each of them have their own costumes with slightly different ways of decoration; mainly on their clothes there are not much embroidery but different pieces of fabric whose color is different from the shirt attached to the sleeves and front part. Nung people also make tho cam, a special embroidered material made by the Vietnam ethnic minorities. The Nung’s tho cam use the same theme and decoration style as the Tay people’s one.


For the fabric objects such as bags, shoes and scarves, Nung people use the embroidery and fabric attachment for decoration. They often make the smooth decorations using the natural, images and colors which are related to life in making the works. They also use beehive in drawing on the indigo materials, which carried many fine art values as seen on the image number 13 in this collection. The decoration has something in common with the decoration of the Tay, Nung square style but in the center of the decoration, all the squares used are symmetrical around the center point, which makes the decoration more lively in comparison to the strict symmetrization of the Tay tho cam style.




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