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Turbans and Scarves used by Hue people

January 28, 2008          1696 views

(Cinet)- In the old time, for the daily life or small festivals, the imperial women often use turbans to wrap around their head.

The turbans are usually made by silks and other – which is very durable and can resist the scrape without leaving any marks on the surface. The cloth is usually about 50cm long, which enables the users to cover their whole hair and wrap a round on their head. This often gives the women a neat and tidy look overall with their beauty shown off. The Queen uses the yellow turban, high rank officer’s wife use the fire red ones while ocean blue are for the other wives of the king; last but not least, the imperial maids use the dark green ones.

In those big imperial events such as weddings and ceremonies, they use another variation of the turban which is mainly the turban itself attached with a blue cloth, tightly arranged into a round to cover the outside of the scarf. This kind of turban is used only by the queen mother, the queen and king’s other wives.

Later on, the turbans are used by ordinary people and mostly can be seen in the wedding events and folklore festivals. Those shapes and colors contribute a lot in making the beauty of the women.



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