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Houses of the Giay
August 01, 2019        558 views

(MOCST)- Ta Van Giay, a hamlet of the Giay in Sapa township, Lao Cai province, is nestled in Muong Hoa valley.

Stilt-house of the Tay in Ha Giang province
August 10, 2018        789 views

(MOCST) - Ha Thanh, a community-based cultural tourism village in Phuong Do commune, Ha Giang province, has preserved several traditional stilt-houses of the Tay. The stilt-house reveals several cultural and spiritual values of the Tay people.

Mong people prepare for the New Year and their New Year beliefs and taboos
March 05, 2016        2,919 views

The traditional lunar New Year festival is the biggest festival for all Vietnamese people. Each ethnic group has its own way to celebrate Tet but no matter which group it is, its people always spend lots of time preparing for this special occasion. In today’s “Sunday Show”, let’s discover the Tet preparation of the Mong, one of the largest ethnic groups in northern Vietnam.

San Chay ethnic minority group boasts unique wedding customs
February 18, 2016        9,239 views

The San Chay ethnic minority in northeastern Bac Giang province have preserved their wedding customs with cultural characteristics that have survived the test of time.

Traditional custom of Vietnamese ethnics on Tet holiday
February 10, 2016        11,211 views

Each ethnic minority group has its own festivals, customs, beliefs and farming practice. Tet festival lasts about half a month, during which time many exciting cultural and community activities take place.


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