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Rice noodle specialty from northern port city
September 03, 2020        72 views

Crab noodle soup is a well-known specialty of the northern port city of Haiphong. Its intriguing flavor will win the heart of food lovers.

Rice with salt: A delicacy of Hue imperial city
August 28, 2020        80 views

People in the imperial capital of Hue are very good at cooking so they have many recipes to create unique and delicious dishes using salt with cereals, vegetables, meat and fish. One of these delicacies is rice served with salt.

Enjoy the unique black bánh mì of Quảng Ninh
August 25, 2020        85 views

Bread comes in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. There’s traditional loaves, burger buns, baguettes and of course, bánh mì.

French newspaper introduces Hanoi’s must-eat street food
April 29, 2020        231 views

French daily Le Figaro recently ran an article introducing Hanoi’s most renowned street food.

Try grilled bananas dipped in coconut milk in Mekong Delta
April 17, 2020        298 views

The Mekong Delta provinces are famous for many special foods, and one of them is grilled banana dipped in coconut milk.