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Ao ba ba

November 15, 2007          5527 views

Ao ba ba, (or Vietnamese silk pajamas) - is one of several traditional Vietnamese costumes. It continues to be widely used today.

The Ao ba ba ba simply consists of a pair of silk pants and a long sleeved, buttoned-down silk shirt. The shirt will be somewhat long and split at the sides of the waist, forming two flaps. In the front of the shirt at the very bottom are typically two pockets.

Its simplicity and versatility has contributed to its popularity, as it is used by an overwhelming amount of the population, whether in rural (nông thôn) or urban areas. It can be worn while laboring or lounging.

Modern versions allow countless different designs, colors, embroidery and such which have allowed the costume's transition into Vietnamese fashion as well.

All of this makes it easy to explain the costume's natural presence in almost every aspect of Vietnamese life.

Source: Wikipedia.org



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