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The art of drinking tea of Thai Nguyen’s people

November 26, 2015          5138 views
(Cinet)- Vietnamese people have been drinking tea everywhere at every time from the streets to the luxury. In Vietnamese norms, sipping tea is considered a beginning of a conversation with a soul mate or simply to lead first time meetings’ dialogues. Thai Nguyen has its own tea drinking culture with our own characters.
Today, we are moving fast on the path of modernization of the country, busy society makes us always want a sense of serenity and gentle to forget the hours of labor and stress fatigue. Besides, it is sharing and listening among people in their lives. Therefore, Tan Cuong tea has played increasingly important position in the food culture of Vietnam. When a person of Tan Cuong goes away, in his conscience, the pride of the “brainchild” of the land.
When tourists visits Tan Cuong and enjoy tea even once, the ecstatic feeling being immersed in the sweet, fragrant, gently but pervades flesh, at that time, you have been Tan Cuong already! The art of drinking tea has become a “religion”, and is a very elegant pleasures and sometimes downright gaudy. It can be said that the tea drinking culture in each place is different, each region has its very own tea culture, but we cannot forget and ignore the culture of Thai Nguyen tea, because it is cradle has shaped the history of the tea tree, when introduced from foreign countries, from that time, tea drinking culture of Tan Cuong people has formed and created a new culture in the art of drinking tea in Vietnam in general.
For Thai Nguyen people, tea drinking is an art and as a culture need to be concerned, they considerate in every gesture and posture, from a teapot rinse, putting tea in a teapot, inviting guests to pour tea, and how to holding tea cup, tea drinking, gestures as well be drinking fresh, comfortable to be able to feel all the sweetness of the tea cup. All that it has created a distinctive culture and cultural identity makes Thai tea culture in particular and Vietnam in general.
Drinking tea is an art, not everyone knows the art of drinking tea. The Thai Nguyen people both in the past and now are very attentive to the art of enjoying tea with teas necessary tools in order to drinkers can feel and experience the tea like the bonze. This is also a very particular culture in the way of enjoying tea of Thai Nguyen people.
To get a good cup of tea, the tea pots and tea cups should be warmed with boiling water. This is intended to keep the water in the hot phase is always the highest. Dried tea put in small earthenware jar type high average size 1/3. Tools used to contact tea tea, take tea dregs are dry bamboo or wood aroma. When the filling was a school called the High hydro paint, use boiling water tap people’s eyes from above to create a melting capacity of tea dust. It lit a little boiling water into the teapot and even great-grandchildren, the water started pouring away to sort out tea and tea dust in the dry in the bottle floating up no more absorbent.
Tea was once poured water two second country in importing fish warm down paint, pouring high water overflow orifice to the cap, dirty foam spilling out, then flush boil lid, also the highest temperature to keep warm tea. Water is water, tea two most standards generated within 60-90 seconds it actually creates wonderful sweet flavor from the tea fields. As for tea, have poured so that the tea cups are the same concentration by Statistics fit the cup mouth again and put the spout rotation are the cups. How common is traditionally poured cup Gen. (cup serving) and then split out the cups. This is rarely used today because the tea cool, somewhat laborious.
Down properly teacup middle finger to support the bottom of the cup, forefinger and thumb supports called Tam Long brim jade price, the offer tea and tea recipients must reverently bow. Before putting the cup to drink his left hand, with their eyes, then put right. Hold the tea cup to turn palms in, coming up close cup nose to smell the tea first, then hand over its mouth a small sip – Sleeve feudal mandarins often very wide and partly because maybe use cover your mouth when drinking tea is so – Cover your mouth when you eat, drink, laugh, speak in opera, classical drama, in life the ancient Vietnamese people’s cultural behavior. The drink is also slowly pursed mouth to swallow the tea aroma out softly to the prow and simultaneously deposited in the throat, swallowed more times a, times two, times three to feel.
Those are unique in the art of Thai tea drink, cultural characteristics that made him an identity very own cultural identity and difference to the people here. At the same time it is also a measure for the development of a culture of a people, a nation or a region.

Source of photos: Chebuptancuong.com



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