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Tet cakes – a speciality from Tra Cuon village

February 11, 2016          12008 views
Tet cake in Tra Vinh province
(Cinet)- Tra Cuon village, a tiny village located along Highway 53 in Kim Hoa Commune of Cau Ngang District in the Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh is famous for its savoury Tet Cakes.
Ahead of Tet Lunar New Year each year, hundreds of people work round-the-clock in small production units to make Tet Cakes (cylindrical glutinous rice cakes). Each production unit has about 20 people who cook, wrap and deliver the cakes to markets.
Tra Cuon Tet Cakes are much more delicious and tasty because of their good quality ingredients that are carefully chosen; from the quality of glutinous rice for making the cakes to the variety of banana leaves for wrapping them. The stuffing inside the Tra Cuon Tet Cakes is made of eggs of ducks that are allowed to openly feed off fields and meat of pigs that are fed natural feed. The cakes have brought fame to the village not only in the country but abroad as well.
Tra Cuon Tet Cakes are more delicious and tasty because of the good quality ingredients that are carefully chosen, from the quality of glutinous rice for making the cakes to the variety of banana leaves for wrapping them.

Generations of families in Tra Cuon village have been making Tet Cakes. Tron and all her eight sisters learnt the skill from their mother, and now have a flourishing business of making Tet Cakes.
The cake is famous throughout the south for its delicious cylindrical glutinous rice cakes. Coming to this area, tourists will have a chance to get hands-on knowledge of the atmosphere of Tet holiday by witnessing meticulous stages in the cooking process, trying fresh cakes and celebrating Tet with local people. The cylindrical glutinous rice cake is an indispensable dish in southern families at Tet. Especially, the cake is made depending on the recipe of each family. The province intends to invest over VND1 billion ($48,000) to develop Tra Cuon Tet Cake brand, build wastewater treatment plants, train young people to make the cake, design better packaging and open a website for advertising the cake, Mr. Dung revealed.

Local residents hope that with assistance from the provincial and district authorities, they will be able to export Tra Cuon Tet Cake to other countries in the near future.
Today, 124 households in the village are involved in cake making and more than 100 labourers are employed in this very lucrative business, which has brought great benefits to the people of the village.
Tra Cuon was recently recognized as the Tet Cake trade village by the provincial People’s Committee.



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