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Cơ Tu traditional culture programme celebrates Đà Nẵng Heritage Day

November 24, 2020          1429 views
Artists and craftspeople from the Cơ Tu group in Đà Nẵng yesterday showed off ancient trade and arts as well as cuisine at the city’s museum to mark the Đà Nẵng Culture Heritage Day.
Local artists perform a traditional dance of Cơ Tu people in Hòa Bắc Commune in suburban Hòa Vang District of Đà Nẵng.

It was an outdoor culture experience and exhibition for visitors and artists to explore the old trade and lifestyle of the Cơ Tu ethnic community living in the rural mountainous area of Đà Nẵng.
A Lăng Đơi, a Cơ Tu sculptor introduced ancient wood carving at the event, while other artists displayed brocade weaving.

For Cơ Tu people, wooden sculptures were used to decorate timber columns, exterior and interior decorations on houses that were preserved a few hundred years ago.
Cơ Tu dancers from Tà Lang and Giàn Bí communes played traditional culture (dance and gong) and make sticky rice cakes at the event.

Nearly 1,000 Cơ Tu people are living in Tà Lang and Giàn Bí villages in Hòa Bắc Commune – 40km from Đà Nẵng City’s downtown.
According to the museum, Đà Nẵng’s scooter club brought vintage scooters to the event from morning to evening during the event at 24 Trần Phú Street.




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