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Vietnamese traditional dresses (Ao Dai) - symbol of Vietnamese culture

June 10, 2015          13857 views
(Cinet)- Vietnamese dresses are not just a costume, but a glorious culture in Vietnam, carried about outlook in life of Vietnamese people, an expression of identity and spirit of Vietnam.

Throughout the history of the country, Vietnamese people always seemed to against foreign invasion to protect the longevity and value of cultural traditions, discipline and family. Ao Dai is a great work of art of the nation. In addition to the elegant beauty and structure, the hidden meanings are taught about "proper behavior" of the ancesors . Ao Dai is also a result of the national identity and spirit of Vietnam.
More than a thousand years under Chinese domination, nearly a hundred years of French colonial, the Ao Dai has exposed both strong cultures of humanity, including Oriental (Chinese) and the West (France). Ao Dai has overcome all challenges to become a "national dress", a symbol of women, the pride of Vietnamese people. People could say, ao dai is "National soul" of  Vietnamese women.
Ao Dai - traditional dress of women in Vietnam, hugging the body, having neckline and knee- length. It was sawn off at the hip, both the sensuous charm, not scanty but still shows the line of a young woman. "Where women Vietnam - Vietnamese dresses there." Not merely traditional costumes, but also dresses as a culture to speak of perspectives and spiritual Vietnam package. In other words, it is the "national spirit" of women in Vietnam.
In late 1960s, early 1970s, aiming to adapt modern fashion trend - short skirts, flared trousers of youth suitably hippy style, mini “Ao Dai” appeared and immediately became the fad. The tail is sewed shortly and narrow tie, with knee – length, shirt is sewed widerly and waist is not extracted, but the body curves is still remain. 3-centimeter- lower neck-line , shoulder is cut in raglan style makes chest and sleeves being hold closer. At that time, pants is very long, 60-centimeter - wide - cuffs. After this period until 1990s, the dresses do not change much compared to the traditional, sometimes also have some innovations, such as same colored pants and the upper part of dresses, but not popular ...
In Vietnam, the dresses are dresses for all ages. It has become the standard costume for formal occasions or national holidays, weddings, New Year's Day, graduation day or in important competitions. When attending a special event or appearing on television, Vietnamese women always dresses “ao dai” simply because it contributes to their beauty. Being said that Vietnamese Dresses helped to promote Vietnam's image around the world.
Not only appeared in the national costume contest, Miss Vietnam ... Vietnamese dresses have spreared around the world. In 06th May 2001, the first time Vietnam dresses introduced in the City Tours, France, attended by about 300 Vietnamese culture fans, Ao dai is considered intangible cultural heritage of Vietnam.
In international events taking place in Vietnam, Vietnamese dresses were chosen outfit for the head of state to attend the 2006 APEC Summit in Hanoi. In 2007, Miss Earth coming from the countries have been intrigued by the unique national costume, and had the opportunity to brightly appear with “ao dai” and Palm-leaf conical hat in Ho Chi Minh City, or in Miss Lady 2009 ...
Modern Vietnamese dresses are designed slim and holding closer body. Two laps of dress  before and after extending from the neck down to the ankles, wraped the big legs with cuffs touched ground. In oder to have a beautiful dresses, fitting the garment should know the body measurements of each person. Dresses must be sewn manually one by one in the store. Material sewing dresses is abundant and diverse, which are incorporated from the fabric samples and often decorated with lines or handmade pattern.
In recent years, “Ao Dai” has changed with many innovations, combining ethnic culture with modern fashion elements, creating its unique in the performances in International Fashion Week, the formal and superficial festival, even in Beauty Contest internal and external. Many Vietnamese dresses designers was well-known on the international market as Minh Hanh, Sy Hoang, Vo Viet Chung, La Hang ... They all contribute to bring fame to Vietnamses Dresses – the cultural icon of the dear S-shaped country .
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