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Y Ty - A missing paradise in Viet Nam

September 20, 2015          3215 views
(Cinet)- Y Ty is considered as the most attractive spot for “phuot” travelers in September by the beauty of boundless rice fields, dusky clouds and the ancient roof top.
Y Ty is located at an altitude of 2000 meters, leaning on the Nhiu Co San Mountains which mostly are covered by clouds in a whole year. Road to Y Ty are zigzag paths, faded in a mass of forest leaves. The above reason explains why people exploring it always feel like taking steps in another world.
There are three periods of time favorably for the young, including the crops from late August to the former of middle September, the “clouds hunting” season from September to the next April and “water falling" season in May and June.
Recommended attractions in Y Ty
Milestone No.92 – Lung Po T-junction
This is the three – way crossroad where Nguyen Giang River originated from China converging with Lung Po stream in Viet Nam, mixing together to flow into Viet Nam which called Red River. In the beginning of 2011, a stele was set up in Lung Po, two famous poem sentences of Duong Soai were printed on the surface.
Vietnam – China Border line
Along with the way from bat Xat to Yty, visitors can come across a number of border line between Vietnam and China, Milestone No.93 (2) is one of them (passed Lao Cai province).
Thien Sinh Bridge
The Bridge is situated at the end of Lao Chai village, far from the center of Y Ty commune about 10 kilometers. The Bridge is just one meter of length, crossing Lung Po stream. The place is used to be a huge stone in ancient times. This also is the border between Vietnam and China.
Phan Can Su village
The village is one of two highest villages in Y Ty, far from the center about 6 kilometers. From Phan Can Su, tourists can have the overviewing for beauty of Y Ty.
Ngoc Anh
Source of Photos: www.cungphuot.info, www.vnexpress.net