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Xoi Ngu Sac (five-coloured steamed glutinous rice)

January 23, 2021          2085 views

Almost all tourists are drawn by “xoi ngu sac” (five-coloured steamed glutinous rice)’s irresistible attraction, an eye-catching appearance with five vibrant colours.

(photo: NDO)

And after the first try, they are definitely charmed by its sticky, sweet and elegant flavour.

Much more interesting is discovering significant meanings that colors represent for: white is for Metal, green is for Wood, yellow is for Earth, red is for Fire and black is for Water.

Accordingly, the dish is symbolic of the harmony of nature. The cooking process is quite similar to that of other steamed sticky rice; however, the dying process takes a lot of time and effort.

The colours all originate from leaves of different forest trees that are ground or boiled to exact the colors. What is more, the forest tree leaves are often used as restorative medicines by the locals; therefore, please do not hesitate to try this delicious and healthy dish!



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