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The traditional costume of Nung An

February 17, 2009          2270 views

(Cinet) - In the cultural, physical tradition of Nung An people in Phuc Sen it is necessary to preserve the traditional costume. Like other ethnics such as Tay, Nung, costume of the Nung An people are very simple but carefully made from the indigo fabric.

Costumes of the Nung An are identified by ages, genders and have various styles. Men wear shirts, trousers, belts, turbans, embroidered cloth bags, and silver jewelries. Children’s clothes are also different from other Nung groups inclusive of shirts, trousers and hats which is decorated carefully with a lot of colorful patterns. When a child is born, his/her parents often use their old clothes to wind around his/her body because in their opinion the new-born children should wear new clothes otherwise they will be dissipated. Moreover, old clothes are soft and well-aired which is very good for small babies. An one or two – year-old boy or girl dresses in the same style. when he/she is nine or ten, the mother sew the appropriate clothes for him/her. At this age, girls begin to wear shirts, roll the hair and wear turbans as adults.

The Nung An jewelries are mainly made from silver. Men often wear silver bracelets, rings while women wear silver earrings, necklaces, rings and key chains at back height. To Nung An people’s point of views, silver not only makes women more beautiful and shows their property but also protect health. Because silver can tell us about wearer’s health, if your health is good, the silver is bright and if you are ill or have diseases, the silver becomes ash-grey. Therefore  silver coins are used to rub out a cold.



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