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The Cham’s costume

February 25, 2009          1756 views

(Cinet)- The Cham ethnic group is allocated based on different locals. They mainly live in two provinces: Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan. Some in other provinces, including An Giang, Tay Ninh, Dong Nai and Ho Chi Minh (a part of the people is the Cham). The Cham’s costume has their own ways of model and decoration, which is different from ethnic groups in the locals or ethnic minority literature.

The costume for the Cham’s men in Thuan Hai area is that old men often keep their long hair to wind white turbans with patterns. Wearing turbans is like Nhan script and two sides are let off the parotid. The Cham Hroi wears white turbans which are tied tidily on their heads. Men wear short jackets which are split at the chest are made of dark or light colors. These jackets have round collar and fastened buttons. Borders at collar, two front body and fringe are decorated and attached pieces of round metals, especially the formal costumes at the ceremonies are long dresses white-or-red split at arms. The traditional costumes are skirts and trousers.

Basically, the Cham’s women wear turbans in various ways, for example covering their hair, winding tidily on their heads, winding Nhan script or covering both heads and shoulders for long turbans. These turbans are white and some are decorated by patterns at the edges while the Cham Hroi wears indigo-blue turbans. Apart from long white dresses, the costumes often enclose scarves which are 23 m long are patterned in red, white and yellow. As for the Cham’s women in Khanh Hoa and some other places, they wear trousers hidden by long dresses. The Cham Hroi wears open skirts having pieces of cloths behind them. The Cham’s women in Quang Ngai wear short jackets split at the chest, necklace and strings of pears. Almost the Cham groups comply with the Muslim, so the costumes of men and women are mainly white. The typical feature of the costumes is the way of making shapes, especially a way of piercing neck and lengthening body and arm from a small piece of material (or lengthening with long dresses) strengthening in the mid as a centre part for short or long dresses.



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