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The traditional costumes of Lut’s women

May 30, 2008          1595 views

The traditional costumes of Lut’s women are inclusive of: turban, shirt, dress and belt.

Turban is made of cotton dyed black, 410 centimetres long and 30 centimetres wide. At two end of the turban there are 20 centimetre - length fringes. They decorate the black ground of the two ends with white thread lines woven alternatively and 2 horizontal yellow lines. When wearing, turban is worn by folding four times horizontally, winding around the head toward the left.

Shirts are made from black indigo fabric, have 4 panels made by 6 sectored pieces of cloth so that the panels looks larger than the waist. Weaving patterns are combined with fabric grafted patterns. The collar is unseparated and edge of garment is made of 5 different color pieces of cloth which are sewed sophisticated. The middle cloth is decorated by a series of red and green rhombic pieces of cloth. Sleeves are long, narrower toward the cuffs and hemmed a small patterned fabric circle. Besides, patterns are embroidered around sleeves until armpit. On the left body, a small thread line which has a shape of a piece of bamboo is embroidered running from the neck to the end of the panel.

Round the waist from the back to front, graphics are made by joining different fabric, thus people call it “the winding spring”. Under the graphics there are triangles embroidered by different color threads. Pattern fabric strings are put on the two panels and the strings must have 5 different colors wool fringes threaded grass beads. To wear this, people have to pull the left panel on the right side and ties two fabric strings together. The strings are dropped to the knee. When moving, the two strings look like dancing to honor the women’s gracefulness.

On daily life, women often wear 2 or 3 dresses at the same time. They are arranged into several layers and each dress is 3 or 4 centimetres apart.

Belt is made from white fabric. At the two ends, they often embroider 6 horizontal lines on which the 4th line is more carefully embroidered.  There are a lot of fringes at the end of the belt. Necklaces are silver (but today people use aluminum because silver becomes rare), round and its ends are folded to make two triangle leaves on which




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