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The arts of patterned decoration on the Bahnar’s brocades

October 31, 2008          2204 views

(Cinet)- The brocaded patterns are used on most of jumpers, dresses, blankets and knitting. The Bahnar people often choose black, red and white to make deep impression. Symmetric patterns are considered to reflect the universal conception, the philosophy of life and death and the nature–centre theory. The Bahnar’s brocades look like a miniature nature. That is the stylization of geometry, mountains and forests. Each Bahnar’s woman has her own way to decorate the brocades which is seen by the Bahnar’s traditional brocade textile.

The patterns make the brocades more colorful. Black is the main color which makes a deep decorated impression. The patterns on brocades reflect the Bahnar’s traditional cultures as well as their daily life. The women’s carves are considered not only the symbols of love, faithfulness but also make them more graceful and charming. Their dreams of happiness and  a prosperous life are expressed through the white buttons, strings of glass beads and sparkling silver buttons.

As the time goes by and with the culture exchanges, the Bahnar’s traditional brocade decoration is always preserved and promoted and becomes an unique cultural characteristic. Today when visiting the Bahnar villages, we can see a lot of brocade products such as clothes and knittings which attract may visitors.



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