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The Costume of Red Dao People living in Quản Bạ

December 02, 2008          2088 views

(Cinet)- The traditional costume of the Red Dao People living in Quản Bạ is different from the one of Red Dao living in Hoàng Su Phì , especially the women’s clothes.

The dresses of Red Dao women in Quản Bạ are in indigo or black but the sleeves consist of many colorful flowery cloths sewed together, resembling those of the H’mong women. The Red Dao women also wear an apron on their dress which is alike the H’mong’s one. The only detail that helps to distinguish the Red Dao with others is the decoration on the front hem of their shirts, which is the same as the one which Red Dao in Hoàng Su Phì use.

The vest of the Red Dao in Quản Bạ is half long as the one of Red Dao in Hoang Su Phi. It is not decorated with any embroidery patterns but made by sewing many cloth bands together. On the neck and front hem of the shirts can be found many star-shaped silver decorative pieces.

Male costumes of the Red Dao in Quản Bạ are totally different from the ones of Red Dao in Hoàng Su Phì. The only common thing they use is the hat, but the former have another way of wearing it.



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