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Hue The hair

August 26, 2008          1831 views

(Cinet)- The general The hair: originated from Chinese culture. In the past the nubile girls, about 15 or 16 years old used to wear brooches on hair. When the girls were allowed to make up, she could love somebody. At that time, her love was recognized by her family and society. Hair was considered the love pledge and to remind lovers not to forget their beloved partners. In Truyen Kieu by Nguyen Du, Thuy Kieu cut her hair and gave it to Kim Trong as a vow.

Receiving Kieu’s small curl of hair means Kim Trong responded her love and expressed his love to Kieu. Hair was also the symbol of a girl’s life so giving hair to a man means giving her life to her lover. So with the meaning of that hair, they call such kind of hair as toc the or promised hair.

Hue The hair: in the comment people, “girl” is used to talk about the unmarried female particularly the young and full of vitality. Hue people call those girl “ Unmarried girl” (con gai). Hue girls often drop down their hair naturally or sometimes pin it up but this doesn’t effect to the length and height of hair. Hair is as long as shoulders, back, bums or even heels.

The Hue the hair symbolizes the virgin and means girls have no promise with someone else. If they have lovers, it shows their faithfulness and dreams of no one. It is not necessary to hide people a girl’s virgin or faithfulness. Therefore, though they are single or have partners, Hue girls love The hair very much. The hair and its meaning are considered a specific characteristic of Hue. The untold love tells everything.



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