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Introducing Vietnam’s puppetry to the world

November 23, 2015          2420 views
A puppetry performance themed "Vu dieu hoa Quynh"
(Cinet)- 2015 is a successful year of Vietnam’s puppetry by some activities of the puppetry theatre as an introduction to land, people and cultural identity of a beautiful country.

Bringing the Vietnam’s puppetry to the world
Various activities of the Vietnam National Puppetry Theatre at some festivals in Japan on May and October, Czech Republic on late August, Indonesia on early August, Australia on late September, South Korea on October and France on late October.
Some audiences enjoyed and highly appreciated many programs at the festivals. Some artists at the Vietnam National Puppetry Festival brought many interesting and wonderful performances in the foreign countries.
Plzen International Puppetry Festival in Crezch Republic attracts many audiences of the country. Some performances of Vietnam left the seers interesting enjoyments.
Participating into the festival is one of some projects of Vietnamese culture 2015 in the Republic of Crezch on 65 year anniversary of foreign relationship between two countries and on occasion of August Revolution Day and National Day on September 02.
The fouth International Puppetry Festival in Ha Noi 2015 is a special event. Puppeteers from 10 countries participated in the fourth international puppetry festival, which will be held in Ha Noi from October 10 to 16.

The interesting cultural event aimed to promote cultural relationships in the arts between Viet Nam and other countries. Their performances enriched the spiritual life of the local people, enhance the understanding of foreign friends about Vietnamese culture, as well as tighten mutual international relationships through arts activities.
The National Puppetry Theatre showed various forms such as water puppetry, shadow puppetry and mask puppetry will be held, showcasing the typical cultural features of each country.
Building a special form for folk art
Puppets, universally appealing, poke fun, chase one another in hilarious synchrony, argue with authority and communicate clearly with and without words. They confront human fears and conflicts, improvise, problem solve and move audiences to new worlds. Puppets accomplish feats no humans dare try; soaring through the air, swimming the ocean, metamorphosing before our eyes. They seem to listen to one another, feel emotion and think.

Puppetry art is a form of folk song to connect some forms of arts such as music, sculpture and literature. Therefore, maintaining and developing puppetry arts contribute to maintain and develop some values of folk ethnic arts. Introducing the puppetry to the international friends is picture of Vietnamese land, people and cultural identity.
Ngo Thanh Thuy, a manager of Vietnam Puppetry Theatre shared that the theatre is honoured as top one of puppetry and would continue to introduce puppetry to the world in the upcoming time.



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