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Tet ART – Introducing arts to the public

January 22, 2016          3453 views
(Cinet)- Not only as a market of classic and modern art, Tet ART 2016 also is a chance to help the seers enjoy the art and make closer to the artists.
Gathering quintessence
The first TET ART show, TET ART 2015 in February 2015, united, for the first time in history, 8 active artist groups in Northern Vietnam, representing 88 talented artists and showcasing more than 300 selective affordable artworks. Professionally organized with quality artworks and events, the show was deeply appreciated by artists, the art community, art collectors, and the public in Hanoi.
 The Tet Art Fair 2016 attracts as many as 80 Vietnamese and international painters withh more than 200 works of modern and excellent contemporary art.
The event will introduce more than 200 artworks from over 100 Vietnamese and international painters, including some from rare private collections to revive the old habit of buying paintings to decorate houses during the Lunar New Year (Tet) holidays, and to popularize Vietnamese contemporary art to international friends..
The 100 participating artists include Leonid Tsvetkov, Baptiste Gilloz, Le Thiet Cuong, Tran Luong, Trinh Tuan, Thanh Chuong, and Tran Huy Oanh.
Tet Art was founded last year to introduce classic and modern art from remarkable artists; connect artists with collectors, galleries and art lovers; connect domestic and international artists and boost the national fine art market.

According to painter Truong Minh Tien, founder of the event, the event will bring art closer to the public and help the local contemporary art scene develop. So many artists have gotten involved in the event. They are representatives from different fine art genres including paintings, installation art, graphics and sculptures. As the event is named Apotheosis, visitors will have a chance to enjoy many outstanding works by many artists at the same time and venue.
Connecting bridge between artist and the public
Tet ART also organise many interactive artistic events, making a chance for visitors to contact closer to the art and artists and connect collectors and artistic consultors. Other activities will take place at the fair such as the workshop on investment art, talks among painters, painting collectors, and art-lovers and art performances.

The fair, the second of its kind, aims to revive the old habit of buying paintings to decorate houses during the Lunar New Year (Tet) holidays, as well as contributing to popularising Vietnamese contemporary art to international friends.
Moreover, Tet ART also is an important events with many art activities to help the seers to access to the art work and artist. From that, the public can understand more composing activity and create more some valuable works in high quality. Therefore, people can understand more lifestyle and enjoyment of beauty in positive way.
Painter Tran Huy Oanh said that Tet ART is a chance for some young artists to share some creative opinions to the public and turn arts into life. The public will have a good condition to study and enjoy beauty in each art work. The painter expects the event titled Tet ART to develop and turn the public into passion of the arts.



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