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Promulgating Decree on ranking national relics in Haiduong province

November 05, 2007          2587 views

(Cinet)- The Ministry of Culture and Information promulgated the Decrees number 13;14;18 on ranking national relics on June,13th and 14th, 2007. These national relics consist of such art architectures as Phuongquat, Khoai, Ngoc lac communal houses in Haiduong.

- Basing on Law on cultural heritage and the Decree number 92/2000 on implementing some Acts of Law on cultural heritage of government in November 11­st ,2002

- Basing on 63/2003 the Government’s Decree on function, responsibility, power and structure organization of the Ministry of Culture and Information on June11st , 2003.

- Considering official document number 144 on February 6th, 2007 of the People’s  Committee of Haiduong province and relics document.

-Approving the recommendation of director of Cultural heritage Service

The Ministry of Culture and Information made a decision on register of national art architecture relics:

1. Phuongquat communal house  ( Laclong commune, Kinhmon district)

2. Dinh khoai communal house  ( Tucuong commune, Thanhmien district)

3. Ngoclac communal house ( Ngocson commune, Tuky district, Haiduong province)

Content: The protected area of relics is identified according to its report and map in documents. Basing on its power and responsibility  and according to Law on cutural heritage, the Ministry of Culture and Information manage Phuongquat communal house- art architecture relic.

The chief of the secretariat, header of Cultural Service, the President of Haiduong’s provincial people’s committee, the Director of the Haiduong’s Department of Culture and Information and relevant bodies and individuals are responsible for implementing this Decision.



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