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The Poem hat – a special characteristic of Hue

September 19, 2008          1458 views

(Cinet)- The poem hat or non bai tho is considered a partner of a Hue woman. In daily life, Hue women find the conical hat very close. The hat not only provides protection from the tropical sun and from monsoon rains but also is fashionable and makes Hue women more graceful and charming.

The symbols of Hue  graceful women are the ao dai, wooden shoes and the poem hat. The poem hat is a traditional craft of Hue. By using the depiction,  letters cutting on color paper which are arranged between 2 leave layers, the workers can make the wearers look more marvelous. The popular pictures are: Huong river, Ngu mountain Thien Mu pagoda, Truong Tien bridge , etc. Through the sun light, we can see the Hue women’s beautiful long hair as well as the a sampling of the inlay work.

Through the ordered hats, the owners can express their love, hobbies and even confidence on the palm leaves. However, those  are not for any specific person because all images appear vaguely. This is true to Hue women, part of their face are often hidden behind the hats.

Today, the poem hat becomes the most favourite souvenir of visitors to Hue. However, is in the past the poems and pictures were hand –made and choosing the hat was people’s interest but now they use machines to help. This makes the hat less delicate and people can not recognize the differences of craftsmen and their talent. In conclusion, the poem hat is still a special characteristic of Hue which distinguishes Hue from other areas



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