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The specific characteristics of Sai Gon costume in the past

October 21, 2008          1531 views

Long time ago, the Chinese in Vietnam had braid hair and wore the Chinese silk wide-sleeved shirt decorated patterns or letter “Happy”, broad-brimmed cap. They mainly lived on home craft and small business.

The Khmer people prefer wearing bandanna, dressing tidily and elegantly which make them convenient to do the farm work. The Cham people prefer brocade, sophisticated costumes with a lot of patterns.

The Cham in Sai Gon dressed differently from those in Ninh Thuan in some stylizations which help them get used to the weather and more convenient. A lot of  stylized dresses are worn and it is hardly seen people wear bandanna as well as red wool earrings.

The Kinh people,  who get used to farm work, wet rice cultivation, prefer wearing bandanna, brown blouse and black trousers to be more active. The loose fitting blouse ( Ba Ba blouse) is particularly considered the symbol of the Kinh people in Sai Gon. It makes Sai Gon people not only in the past but also at present more and more graceful and attractive.



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