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The Hoa’s costume in Ho Chi Minh City

July 11, 2008          2347 views

(Cinet)- Staying with the Viet for such a long time, the Hoa’s costume in Ho Chi Minh City isn’t now as much different as that of the Viet. However, the elder of the Hoa maintain some patterns of their traditional costumes.

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The costume for men is short shirts, so-called “Xa xau”. Each of these “Xa xau” shirts has two panels such as short jacket, half-way sleeve, cloth-made coat buttons fixed in the mid. However, they don’t pin the coat buttons a lot during the working process. The Hoa’s women in Ho Chi Minh City also wear short shirts and their coat button lies on the right edge, collar is rather high and sleeves are over the elbows. The trousers of the Hoa’s women is narrow trouser legs and higher than ankles. On Tet holidays, the Hoa’s women often wear a type of skirt, commonly called “Xuan xam” by the Viet and “Chuyen chi” by the Hoa. This type of skirt often combines jewelry such as necklace, bracelet and earrings which create a young and wonderful beauty. The Hoa’s women carry out their child pick-a-back astride on their hip with a cloth band. The child lies on his mother’s back while she is working easily. On traditional festivals, the Hoa’s elder often wear a long black or grey shirt, take a paper fan in hand, wear a top hat covering the head and wear cloth-made shoes. At present, the young Hoa’s costume in Ho Chi Minh City is rather similar to that of the Viet. They also wear tidy costumes such as shirt, jeans, traditional dress…Children going to schools wear uniforms like the Viet’s ones. The distinctive difference is only showed on important occasions such as weddings, festivals and Tet because the Hoa wear their traditional costumes.



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