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Bahnar’s traditional costume

May 15, 2008          2003 views

(Cinet)- The Bahnar men wear split neck jumpers. This is a non-sleeved jumper. Its body is decorates by the red horizontal stripes and the fringe is white. T shaped loin- clothes are worn by winding around the belly, passing through the groins then covering part of the bums. On cold days, they put on more blankets. In the past men used to do their hair high up in a knot or let it down. If they wear scarves, Dau Riu style is preferred. On the Tomb Abandoning Ceremony, they often twist their hair in buns behind the neck with a peacock feather on. Men also wear bronze bracelets.

The Bahnar women like hair at the shoulder height, sometimes they twist their hair in buns and put combs, feathers or bronze or tin brooches on. Some groups do not wear scarves but wind the cloth ropes  or glass bead strings. While some groups such as in An Khe, Mang Giang or other areas cover their heads with scarves or wind  indigo turbans tidily. In the past, they wore square and round shaped hats,  which are applied wax on to avoid soaking,  and raincoats to shape their heads either. Women also wear glass-bead necklaces and bronze bracelets spiraling from their necks to elbows (similar to the cut cone). Rings are popularly worn on two or three fingers. Earrings can be made from metals, bamboo or wood. The  teeth sew custom (Ca Rang) is considered a traditional trend rather than fashion. Mainly, the Bahnar women wear short- bodied jumpers and dresses. The jumpers are both long-sleeved or non-sleeved and the dresses are unsewed ones which used to be shorter than the Ede’s, but now they are the same length. Many bronze rings are put on around their belly with a pipe enclosed.



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