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Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum – a popular destination for art lovers

May 21, 2015          5733 views
(Cinet)- Located at the center of City (97 Pho Duc Chinh - District 1), the HCMC Fine Arts Museum is an ideal destination for art lovers, where tourists visiting HCMC should not pass over.
Designed by Rivera – a French architect in 1929 and built completely in 1934, the Museum is a perfect mixture of French architecture and oriental architecture. It can be seen that right from the entrance there are rows of trees and stone sculptures.
Sculptures in HCMC Fine Art Museum
This building was originally a Chinese businessman named Hui Bon Hoa. Until 1987, the building was established to become HCMC Fine Arts Museum.
The main building consists of 3 floors with thousands of works of art from paintings, wood carvings, and stone carvings to bronze, pottery. Among of them are valuable works, especially the lacquer work "Spring Garden in Middle South North" (“Vuon xuan Trung Nam Bac”) of Artist Nguyen Gia Tri.
The first floor is a showcase of modern art after 1975, the paintings, sculptures exhibited intertwined.
Up to the second floor, tourists will enjoy the works of modern art before 1975 which were displayed according to the topics in closed arc architecture.
The 3rd one is a completely different space with pieces from both of the above floors with stone, wood, bronze and pottery. According to the order of time, the first collection is a collection of Cham stone sculptures and stone sculpture of Northern.
In addition to the main house, the museum also has one smaller annex building which showcases the works of oil paintings from collections across the country. Besides statues garden area, paintings sale room and art guide room also brings tourists too many interesting experiences.
The museum is opened from Tuesday to Sunday. Although there is also the number of fixed visitors on the weekdays but this destination really is an attraction especially with international tourists at weekends.
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