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Project to promote brand of Vietnamese lacquer art during 2020-2030 period

January 04, 2021          1056 views

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued a Decision No.4345/QD-BVHTTDL on December 31, 2020 to approve a project on developing and promoting the national brand of Vietnamese lacquer art during 2020-2030.

The project aims to boost the development of Vietnamese lacquer art, contributing to the development of its cultural market and economic growth in general as well as promoting the land and people of Vietnam to international friends through cultural exchange activities.

Accordingly, ministries, agencies and localities will focus on developing logos and identifiers of "Vietnam's lacquer painting art" as well as issuing the creation process and standards for materials as well as lacquer art criteria.

In particular, investment into the 'son' (lacquer) tree growing area in Phu Tho province and the promotion of lacquer products in Ha Thai trade village in Hanoi will be focused upon.

International lacquer art festivals and the introduction of publications covering the Vietnamese lacquer will also be held during this period.

The training and improvement of artists and artisans in creating lacquer art works is one of the main contents of the project, towards preserving and promoting the traditional lacquer of Vietnam on the basis of integrating new technologies from other countries in the region and the world.


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