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Pieu Scarf of the Thai People

February 04, 2008          2037 views

(Cinet)- Pieu scarf of the Thai women is a specialty of their costume. The beautiful, sophisticated flowery decorative patterns, which reflects the love and attractive feminism of the Thai women.

Using yarn to make the decoration patterns, each has their own style depending on their view of the world as well as their characteristic. Usually, they make quite complicated hems, using the basic colors of Red, Green and Yellow. Basic shapes such as diamond, zigzag are also used and often in a plain color or sometimes multicolor. The details such as the flower petals, the water streams are often sophisticatedly embroidered with colorful yarn and in accordance with others to make the Pieu scarves more beautiful.

Pieu scarves are made firstly to be gifted to the maker’s love. During the festivals, Thai young men who are likely to show their love to the girls, usually try to snatch the Pieu scarves in compliance with the girls’ will. While the girls, who would love to do the same, often intentionally leaves it behind or throws it to the man she picks up, provided that it can reach the man in one way or another.

Before getting married, Thai girls have to make many Pieu scarves to present to their husband’s family. Pieu scarves are beautiful not only because of their impressive decoration patterns and colors but also the women’s talent and values are put into the making process.




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