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The Costume of Dao Tien women

February 11, 2008          1954 views

(Cinet)- With the colorful and detailed decoration on their fabric, the Dao Tien women make beautiful skirts and blouses which bring out their beauty.

Thanks to the decorations and indigo dyeing skills, the Dao Tien women’s costumes are very typical and outstanding colorful. The loose embroidery shows out the black and indigo background in each decoration patterns, which help to reduce the bright grades of the basic colors and smooth the color combination to make interesting patterns. The colors and patterns used on clothes, especially women’s costumes, are the typical symbols and identities of each nation.
The connection of jewelry, skirts and blouses is a must in any costume choice of the Dao Tien people. The beads, or silver coins attached to the shirts, blouses, hats reflect the typical beautiful appearance that one chooses. The silver jewelry carved with sophisticated motifs bright up the decoration hems on the neck, chest and sleeve, which results in a completely harmonious beautiful costume. To the Dao Tien people’s point of view, besides all the clothes that have been made for the past year, a bride will be given quite a lot jewelries as gifts by her parents.
These jewelries will be kept for long as the heirloom of the entire family and passed on from generations to generations.  Up to people’s choice, the jewelries and costumes will be varied, which add in a colorful and happy atmosphere to the spring time. The Dao Tien girls seem to be more beautiful in their new dresses with lots of silver jewelries that are twinkling and tinkling. For the Dao Tien people, this is also the core of their culture, tradition and humanism. 




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