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The Horse Race Festival in An Xuan Commune, Phu Yen Festivals

December 02, 2008          1484 views

Every year on 6th lunar January, when spring sunshine is overwhelming all the deep blue mountains and forests, in An Xuan commune (Tuy An district), people are busily preparing for the Traditional Horse – Racing Festival.

The festival is to remind the martial spirit of a land, expressing the indomitable will and the extraordinary strength of man before the imposing nature. The racing field is an area of large, smooth grassland and on the horsebacks are brave, tidy young men. After a horn roll indicating the start, the horse riders speed their horses forward fearlessly in the bustling noise of drums and encourageous cheerings of the spectators echoing throughout the mountains and forests. Those days of gay festival in An Xuan commune have created an original cultural feature of its own. We would like to invite you to come here once on a spring occasion to explore this cultural land.


Source: clicktovietnam.com



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