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Suoi Mo – is one of the most popular destination in Bac Giang

June 23, 2015          2244 views
(Cinet)- The Suoi Mo tourist site is in Nghia Phuong town, Luc Nam district, Bac Giang, far away from Bac Giang city about 30km to the East . It is named after the spring’s name which has many small and big falls with exciting natural bath along the flow.
The Suoi Mo tourist site is a favorite name of tourist groups of domestic or foreign market. The interest and investment of the government and local authority is making this place becoming a biggest tourist complex in Bac Giang province with many categories in order to give the best services to customers such as entertainment, relaxing, climbing, sailing and horse racing, etc.
The historical, cultural, and religious alue of Suoi Mo site is attached with 3 temples (Upper temple, Middle temple, Lowẻ temple), worshiping Maria.
Each temple has its different architecture but all are very formal, severe and have old features. The special feature of the top temple is mixed with the landscape at the certain height with mountain and trees. The architecture traits exist in many temples at the north of countryside and harem is the natural dome. The harem of the top temple has steps leading to the top of Ba Bo Mountain. From now, you can enjoy the around landscapes such as Giang Khe hill – There is a moonlight floor. The site Suoi Mo also has Hon Trung pagoda, Ho Bac pagoda, Xoan temple, etc.
Suoi Mo festival is the religious with the nationally cultural – historical monuments. It all creates a beautiful picture for those who once come to Suoi Mo. Companion with many beautiful landscapes, there is a wide of activities such as climbing, biking, hunting, horse racing, sailing, camping, etc.  



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(Cinet) - Bac Giang is a province located in the Northeast region of Viet Nam, being situated 50 kilometers to the East of Hanoi. Bac Giang ‘s cultural resources originated in an ancient culture and history. The province owned cultural sediment basement.

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