Organizing “Folk song festival 2015 of ASEAN countries”

March 18, 2015          5399 views
(Cinet)- With a participation of 12 troupes from some countries of ASEAN, some ASEAN’s countries and 01 performing agency of Vietnam, the folk song festival of ASEAN countries will take place on August, 2015 in Thanh Hoa city.
In Decision No.664/QĐ-BVHTTDL of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the MOCST entrusted Arts Performing Department of Planning and Finance, Thanh Hoa City’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism as well as some relevant agencies to organize the festival.The Festival is a chance for some artists to exchange some experiences about art and take some music potentialities in a community; an opportunity to honour some values of traditional music; tighten relationship in a community about culture and tend to a cultural community.
Also, some troupes will perform to serve the audience in Thanh Hoa and participate into the scientific dialogue themed “Folk song of ASEAN countries – Unity in diversity”.


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