Vietnamese culinary culture introduced in Laos

December 24, 2020          395 views

Many typical Vietnamese dishes were introduced at a multinational culinary festival organised by the School of Languages, the National University of Laos, in Vientiane on December 23.

The festival featured the participation of thousands of students from faculties of the School of Languages at the Lao National University.

Vietnamese dishes were selected by students from the Vietnamese Language Department to introduce to those of other faculties.

As in previous years, all dishes at this booth were prepared and served by students studying at the Faculty of Vietnamese Launguage, the School of Languages, the National University of Laos.

Vietnamese dishes menu. (Photo:VNA)

This annual event, organised by the Language School at the National University of Laos, is an opportunity for students to meet, exchange and learn about the customs, cultures and the culinary specialties of countries both in the region and also around the world.

Students attending the Multinational Culinary Festival at the National University of Laos. (Photo:VNA)

According to the organising board, the multinational culinary festival in 2020 featured the participation of 12 booths from students of the Language School.

Coming to the national culinary festival this year, participants had an opportunity to enjoy not only the cuisine, but also performances by the students of the faculy in various languages such as German, Vietnamese, Russian, French, English, Lao.


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