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The Thai’s costume

May 12, 2008          2044 views

The Thai thinly distributes in various areas and regions. In each area, each group of the Thai has different costume styles.

In daily life, the Thai’s men wear short jackets split in the chest and split trousers. The jacket is a kind of round collar, non-shoulder trap, and two pockets in the front and below pined with material cotton or bone. The jacket feature of the Thai’s men in the Northwest has a colorful variety of traditional materials (indigo-blue, white…) made by the community. On traditional ceremonies and Tet holidays, they wear their long indigo-blue shirts split in the right arm and wear turbans and wooden shoes. In funerals, they wear many kinds of colorful shirts, reflecting color with the weekday. In the last 10 years, the Thai’s men have loved wearing Western clothes.

The costume of the Thai’s women is divided into two distinctive kinds based on two different sides of Thai Tay Bac, including White Thai (Tay khao) and Black Thai (Tay dam)

White Thai: In daily life, the white Thai’s women wear short jackets (xua com), black skirts without patterns. The jacket is bright color, white, pinned-silver cottons creating images of butterflies, bees…On the contract, the Black Thai’s women wear “xua com” with V-formed collars. Skirts are close and black; and lining materials in the skirts are red. When wearing “xua com” and skirts, the Thai’s women wear colorful overcoats. Turbans are made of indigo-blue materials without patterns. On traditional ceremonies and Tet holidays, they wear long black shirts. The unmarried women and and the married gather their hair behind the neck and on the top of their head respectively.

Black Thai: In daily life, the Black Thai wear dark indigo or black “xua com”; collars are round and upright. Pattern-decorated turbans have plentiful decoration models. Skirts are as same as those of the white Thai. The ways of gathering hair are also like those of the white Thai. On traditional ceremonies and Tet holidays, the Black Thai’s long dresses are diversified styles, plentiful patterns, and various colors and models.



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