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Statement relates to Approving for Agreement between Vietnam and China about building Cultural Center


To: Government

Approved by the Prime Minister in Official Dispatch No.1889/QĐ-TTg on November 05, 2015 of the Governmental Office, Minister of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Hoang Tuan Anh and Minister of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vuong Nghi signed Agreement between two countries in order to build the Cultural Center of China in Vietnam and the Cultural Center of Vietnam in China.
Influence of the Agreement:
Implementing the Agreement aims to enhance a cultural cooperation, contributing to enhance exchange, friendship between two countries to promote partnership relation and strategic cooperation between Vietnam and China.
The Cultural Center of Vietnam in Beijing will contribute to introduce Vietnam’s picture in China in general and the Northern China in particular as a house to exchange culture between two countries.
Requirement of the Agreement:
The Agreement was signed by the Vietnam’s Government and China’s Government. Building Agreement is necessary to participate into international pledge 2005.

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