Minister Thien awards National Historical Relic Certificate recognizing Bach Dang relic complex

January 03, 2021          2711 views

The Bach Dang Giang relic complex in Hai Phong was officially recognised as a National Historical Relic Site at a ceremony held in the northern port city on January 2, in the presence of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

The spiritual architectural complex of Bach Dang Giang was built in the Trang Kenh - Bach Dang area in Thuy Nguyen district, featuring cultural and historical items associated with great naval battles in Vietnam’s history defending the nation on the Bach Dang river during the glorious eras of Kings Ngo Quyen and Le Dai Hanh, as well as Grand Prince Hung Dao Tran Quoc Tuan.

The relic complex includes various facilities dedicated to King Ngo Quyen, King Le Dai Hanh, Grand Prince Hung Dao and President Ho Chi Minh, in addition to Bach Dang Victory Square, a display house and models of wooden stakes used in the battles against invading foreign armies on Bach Dang river.

The relics site is one of the few in the country free for visitors.

The recognition of the complex shows the deep gratitude of today's generation to the national heroes who attained great merit in the battles on Bach Dang river, affirming the potential and intelligence of the Vietnamese people as well as the outstanding value of the victories on the river to both the history of Vietnam and the world.

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Nguyen Ngoc Thien (R) awards the National Historical Relic Certificate to a representative from Hai Phong City People's Committee, recognising the Bach Dang Giang relic complex. (Photo: NDO/Ngo Quang Dung)

It is also an opportunity to arouse national pride and promote historical, cultural and patriotic traditions, while propagating the scientific, historical and cultural value of the Bach Dang Giang National Monument.

It offers Hai Phong a good chance to attract domestic and international visitors and promote the typical and unique cultural values of the Bach Dang Giang relic area as well as the long history of Hai Phong with its cultural depth reaching out and integrating into the world.

On the occasion, Hai Phong city will host exhibitions on great victories on the Bach Dang river at the city’s Theatre Square and at the Bach Dang Giang relic from now until January 5.

The awards ceremony also featured a special epic art performance programme with the theme of Aura Bach Dang Giang, with the participation of over 500 artists and actors from various art troupes nationwide, along with fireworks displays on the Bach Dang river.


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