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Elephant Race Festival, Dak Lak Festivals
June 23, 2008        1,031 views

The Elephant Race Festival takes place in springtime, normally in the third lunar month. In preparation for the festive day, people take their elephants to places where they can eat their fill. Apart from grass their food also includes bananas, papayas, sugar canes, corns, sweet potatoes.

Throwing a sacred ball through the ring (nem con), Cao Bang Festivals
June 02, 2008        1,021 views

Each ethnic group in Vietnam has unique ways of celebrating Tet. The Tay people of Cao Bang and Lang Son Provinces have a special Tet game that not only ushers in the spring but also serves as a matchmaker.

Ba Chua Xu Temple Festival, An Giang Festivals
May 13, 2008        979 views

Ba Chua Xu Temple (the local tutelary goddess) lies at the foot of Sam Mountain, Chau Doc Town, An Giang Province. It is said that the goddess is so sacred that anyone who offers incense to her can realise all his/her wishes.

Festival of Quan Lan village
May 09, 2008        1,972 views

Quan Lan is an island lying in the Bay of Bai Tu Long, where vast mountains, sea and land together form a perfect beauty in a rarely prosperous land. Nearly one thousand years ago, Quan Lan was the center of Van Don commercial port, a very busy harbor which received many foreign traders.

Chem Temple Festival
April 29, 2008        1,112 views

Chem Temple is located in Thuy Phuong village in Hanoi's suburban district of Tu Liem. It is dedicated to Ly Ong Trong, alias Ly Than, a legendary figure during the reign of the Hung Kings. A native of Chem area, he was a tall man with unequaled physical strength and excellent at the art of war. Every year, a festival is held from May 14 to May 16 (lunar calendar) in remembrance of the hero.