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Dolta Ceremony and Ox Racing Festival, An Giang Festivals
July 28, 2008        1,602 views

The ox racing is held in a large ground 60m wide and 170m long which is surrounded by high earthen rampart where spectators can stand. The racing lane is 100m long and 4m wide. Its two ends are marked with departure and destination poles.

Ba Den Mountian Vietnam Festival, Tay Ninh Festivals
July 23, 2008        1,024 views

One cannot visit Vietnam’s Tay Ninh without going to Nui Ba, a beautiful high mountain located in the middle of the MeKong Delta, 11km from Tay Ninh. Nui Ba Mountain is often called Ba Den. Mountain after the devoted daughter of a Vietnamese guard officer. She left her father's house and went to the mountain to become a monk after she was forced to marry a guard officer's son.

Chu Dong Tu Festival, Hung Yen Festivals
July 22, 2008        1,686 views

Chu Dong Tu is one of four immortal gods in the Vietnamese pantheon. The festival annually takes place from the 10th to the 12th day of the second lunar month at two temples, Da Hoa and Da Trach, in Khoai Chau District, Hung Yen Province.

Legends of Huong River, the most-splendid-ever festivity on the river
July 09, 2008        819 views

As a mild rhythm in the gorgeous symphony of Truong Son range, Huong River has become a special gem of this land. It is this river that embraces and shapes Hue, breeding the birth and the development of Thuan Hoa town, or Phu Xuan town later, and then Hue Old Capital, for over 700 years now.

Long Tong Festival
June 26, 2008        696 views

On the night before the festival takes place, the representatives of families in the village and sorcerer perform a water procession from the stream to the village. This water is used in the opening ceremony of the festival.