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Trieu Khuc Festival
September 15, 2008        1,514 views

Triều Khúc village or Ke Do village is located in Tân Triều commune, Thanh Trì district.

An Duong Vuong Temple Festival
September 09, 2008        1,278 views

An Dương Vương Temple is located in Cổ Loa village, Đông Anh district, Hanoi. It is on the way to Phúc Yên and about 17 km from the center of Hanoi. Located on this land is Ngự Triều Di Quy communal house which is believed to be where the Thục King held Court. Am Bà Chúa is where people worshiped the lovely daughter of the Thục King, princess Mỵ Châu. We can now see a headless statue there, which is a vestige of the country lost by Mỵ Châu. She was so honest and credulous that she was trapped in a scheme by the enemy.

Keo Pagoda Festival, Thai Binh Festivals
September 08, 2008        1,203 views

The annual Keo Pagoda Festival lasts three days during which lots of religious and traditional rituals and customs are held in celebration of the Buddhist monk who rendered great merits to the people and the country. The festival also hosts different traditional cultural activities, reflecting the life style, which is imbued with traits of the Red River Delta’s agricultural culture, of a riverside residential area.

Dolta Ceremony and Ox Racing Festival, An Giang Festivals
July 28, 2008        1,534 views

The ox racing is held in a large ground 60m wide and 170m long which is surrounded by high earthen rampart where spectators can stand. The racing lane is 100m long and 4m wide. Its two ends are marked with departure and destination poles.

Ba Den Mountian Vietnam Festival, Tay Ninh Festivals
July 23, 2008        957 views

One cannot visit Vietnam’s Tay Ninh without going to Nui Ba, a beautiful high mountain located in the middle of the MeKong Delta, 11km from Tay Ninh. Nui Ba Mountain is often called Ba Den. Mountain after the devoted daughter of a Vietnamese guard officer. She left her father's house and went to the mountain to become a monk after she was forced to marry a guard officer's son.



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