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Impression of Vietnamese Southern Women Costumes
April 26, 2011        1,249 views

The costume of women in South Vietnam has gone through many stages of development, but still preserves its distinctive and unique imprints of the traditional culture.

Ao Yem and its History
April 06, 2011        2,202 views

Images of graceful girls in national charming long dress have been a symbol of Vietnam. However, looking back the historic development of national dress, Vietnam not only has ao dai but also ao yem – the indispensable dress of ancient girls.

Royal ao dai ( ao dai menh phu)
March 02, 2010        4,397 views

Most elegant and aristocratic of all are the royal ladies of the Nguyen court with their ao menh phu.

The original and graceful “Khanh ma om’ scarf
March 31, 2009        1,552 views

(Cinet)- The “Khanh ma om” scarf (other call the Ma-to-ra scarf) of the Cham women in An Giang province originates from Muslim countries. The original one has the square shape and by the time gone by, it has changed to adapt the fashion style of each period. The “Khanh – ma –om is about 1.5 – 1.6 metres long, 50 centimetres wide and often made of Voan silk, lace or any cloth. Unlike the Muslin Arabic people who love the two colors of black and white, the scarf of the Cham women has various colors adorning with many shell-shaped patterns, flowers, colorful embroidery thread, gold lame or glass-beads along the scarf edge.

Khmer’s traditional costume.
March 24, 2009        4,266 views

The traditional costume of the Khmer is special in dressing way and the Buddhism connection.



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