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Ethnic minorities reject traditional garb
June 09, 2014        2,315 views

Ethnic minorities are increasingly choosing not to wear their traditional costumes, especially for their daily activities.

Autumn-Winter Fashion Week 2014
May 10, 2014        1,740 views

(Cinet )- As many as 800 new designs by 17 Vietnamese and foreign designers will be staged during the Vietnam Autumn-Winter Fashion Week 2014 from May 11-14 in Hanoi.

Fashion of Mong ethnic groups
May 06, 2014        1,816 views

There are a number of Mong ethnic groups, White Mong, Black Mong, Flowery Mong, and Green Mong, living in Vietnam’s northwestern mountain provinces. Their costumes are colorful. The women make the clothes for all the family members. Although they are starting to modern social values, Mong people still wear their traditional colorful costumes, which are now made of more modern materials.

Specific features on ethnic traditional clothes
April 25, 2014        4,119 views

In the treasure of diversified culture of Vietnamese ethnic minority groups, traditional clothes are cultural symbols contributing to reflecting special features, beauty and costumes in each region.

Hue Festival 2014: The world reflected in the Vietnamese ao dai
April 16, 2014        1,684 views

(Cinet)- The ao dai show is a perennial highlight of the annual Hue Festival, attracting a large number of visitors. This year’s event, themed “The World reflected in the Vietnamese ao dai” last night featured nearly 600 patterns bringing audiences to many countries around the world.