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Spring rolls with a difference
August 04, 2009        1,568 views

Apart from its scenic spots and tourist sites, Quang Nam Province’s Da Nang City in the central region is famous for its food.

San Diu's Nghe Cakes
July 23, 2009        836 views

In Grave Visiting Festival, Double Five Festival and Vietnamese All Souls' Day, San Diu people often make Nghe Cakes to display on the tray of feast to worship the ancestors and use them as presents for close people.

Three-stripe crabs a common specialty
July 14, 2009        1,291 views

Everyone is eating crabs in the Mekong Delta this month, so get down there if you love cracking open a few claws.

Experiencing royal cuisine at Cung Dinh Restaurant
July 14, 2009        847 views

Located in the center of HCMC with tranquility and a cozy atmosphere in a luxurious design, Cung Dinh (Royal Court) Restaurant of the five-star Rex Hotel is a familiar venue for gourmets with its tasty Vietnamese dishes and traditional performances staged as a feudal Vietnamese royal court.

Cau Dua Duck
July 03, 2009        778 views

(Cinet)- This region is famous for full kinds of specialties of the sea and land, of both salty and fresh water. According to ancient documents, long ago, the duck meat of this region is very delicious, only ranking behind yen sao.