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A taste of ... heaven and earth
September 15, 2009        1,185 views

Banh cay is a legendary and symbolic cake but can this traditional cake survive in the 21st century?

The Jellyfish Salads
September 11, 2009        1,468 views

Jellyfish is a fresh and raw dish which is healthy, nutritious. Jellyfish salads and jellyfish noodles are the two special and most popular dishes of the local people. Many tourists to Phu Yen want to try these dishes, both cheap and delicious.

Hue's Delicacies
September 08, 2009        716 views

Besides the deluxe and very special foods that were consumed ONLY by royalty, the ancient capital of Hue is renowned for foods of which even lowly mandarins - and now tourists - can partake. These sublime delicacies include the exquisite banh beo (bloating-fern shaped cake), the mouth watering nem lui (pork on a little stick) and do not leave Hue without sitting in front of a large bowl of bun bo gio heo (noodle soup served with beef and pork). Yes indeed, welcome to Hue!

A small cake with a big taste
August 25, 2009        964 views

Roadside stalls in Ho Chi Minh City offer a wide variety of dining options, including the small cakes known as banh khot and banh can.

Cha muc - an eating-out special of Halong
August 10, 2009        982 views

Cha muc, a boiled or steamed patty of pounded squid, is the specialty of the Ha Long Bay region. The patties' unique taste arouses the desire of visitors from near and far.