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Sour Fish Head Soup
February 02, 2010        1,710 views

An excellent way to get twice the pleasure out of your fish purchase. You can use either the fish head of the fish carcass if you wish. To the people of the South, this is as much their traditional dish as Southern Fried Chicken is to our southerners and it will meet with instant praise.

Lang Son roasted pork
January 11, 2010        1,705 views

(Cinet)- There are many unforgettable things in Lang Son City, one of which must be its roasted pork. Once tasted, its flavor will stay with you for quite a time.

Banh trang cuon thit heo (Dry pancake roll with pork)
October 12, 2009        942 views

Coming to the Central region, you are offered with the service of Banh trang cuon thit heo.

Lau mam (Mixed vegetable and meat hot pot)
October 12, 2009        782 views

At present, Lau mam folk dish in the past hundred years - become a luxurious specialty in the South. Chau Doc fish sauce made from fresh-water fish, a kind of sweet- smelling and greasy fish, which must be as required to have a delicious Lau mam dish.

O-Loan Bloody Shells
September 21, 2009        878 views

The resource of sea products in Phu Yen is very abundant not only valuable for export but also luxurious goods favourite to domestic consumers like Huynh De (royal) crabs, lobsters, crabs, shells, oysters, holothurians, . . . the exploitable output is about 1,000 tonnes per year.