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Frog grilled chopped meat of Khuong Thuong
July 05, 2010        1,174 views

(Cinet)- Frog grilled chopped meat is a simple specialty of the North. The dish is delicious and full of protein, which are favourite by most of people. Mentioning frog grilled chopped meat, we can not ignore Khuong Thuong village (Hanoi) – the village is famous for making grilled chopped meat for tens of years.

Vietnamese pancakes a sensory dining experience
June 21, 2010        1,544 views

Pancakes are popular around the world, including in Vietnam, where the local version is known as banh xeo.

Fragrant rice cakes fit for the gods
June 21, 2010        1,475 views

The Mekong Delta village of Dong Hoa Hiep has become famous for producing a fragrant type of sweet rice cake, known as com, which is also offered to the gods at ethnic festivals.

Banh it la gai, a little slice of Binh Dinh
June 19, 2010        1,443 views

The central province of Binh Dinh, around 1,655 kilometers south of Hanoi, is often described by many as a cradle of Vietnamese traditional martial arts.

Banh can – a rustic flavor from Nha Trang
May 20, 2010        965 views

In the bustling ambience of a modern city, being sheltered from various kinds of Vietnamese cuisine, there’s a kind of baked cake called banh can of Nha Trang City which has been known for a long time as a rustic dish for the poor. However, this simple but delicious cake made from rice and egg has recently become a favorite food in buffets at luxury hotels.