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Coconut juice turns rice into specialty
July 16, 2012        1,135 views

Coming to Ben Tre, most people will usually be interested in the coconut tree as well as some special products that made from it, and the rice cooked with coconut juice would definitely attract any people from the first look and taste.

Beating the heat with Pho Cuon
June 23, 2012        1,351 views

The summer in Hanoi is brutally hot and it often seems like a chore to face a bowl of steaming hot noodle soup (Pho) or a plate of rice.

Delicious dishes from anabas
April 09, 2012        1,433 views

Anabas is a familiar kind of freshwater fish, from which many dishes have been made; two of those dishes are fried anabas and anabas cooked with star fruit.

Hanoi named among top Asian cities for street food
April 04, 2012        1,380 views

CNN Go, CNN’s travel website, has recently published its top ten list that saw Hanoi as one of Asia's most impressive cities catering to street food lovers.

Country taste in plain rice flan
March 05, 2012        1,621 views

A soft and white plain rice flan is so simple and cheap, but no less special.