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Vietnamese tea-drinking flavor
November 23, 2012        1,778 views

(Cinet)- A way of making and drinking a Lotus or Jasmine tea is the treasured custom of Vietnamese people. Every cup of natural flower tea makes a variety of Vietnam’s rich and vibrant culture.

Introducing Green Food Fair 2012 “ For health and environment”
November 22, 2012        1,379 views

(Cinet)- On November 20, in Hanoi, the press seminar organized Green Food Fair 2012 themed “For Health and Environment” in Hanoi.

VN National Dish Pho: Theme of International Arts Project
November 01, 2012        842 views

Pho was created by the Vietnamese, is a national dish and reflects the “wet rice civilization” of Viet Nam and the Southeast Asia, says the report of Doctor of History Nguyen Nha, Director of the Viet Nam Cuisine Research Institute.

Annual Taste of the World Culinary Festival in HCM City
October 31, 2012        1,592 views

(Cinet)- Taste of the World Culinary Festival will take a symbol of a national record for the largest banh xeo (savoury rice pancake) at the Taste of the World Culinary Festival held in HCMC in December.

Vietnamese dishes marks into Asian Record
October 29, 2012        1,718 views

(Cinet)- Asian Record’s Organisation (ARO)recognised 12 Vietnamese unique dishes for their gastronomic importance to the region on October 27.



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