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Nam khau, the special dish of Tay Bac

May 14, 2009          1222 views

(Cinet)- Nam khau is a dish in the wedding party of Tay people in Cao Bang. This dish is cooked from lean and fat meat mixed and sweet potatoes, having unforgettable sweet tastes. Nam khau is the main dish appearing in the wedding party, which is very familiar with people in mountainous areas of Cao Bang. The dish is simple but delicious and hardly anyone could achieve.

To make this dish, the step of choosing materials will decide 50% of success. Choosing the lean and fat meat mixed of good type. Cutting into each piece in a fit way to fry. To let the meat turn yellow, the skin crispy but not burning black, using needles or sharpening sticks to poke onto the skin, using wet cotton mixing with gingers and salt to rub on and cook in a low fire.   

The meat is already risen, taking it out and slice into pieces short or long depending on each one, but should not slice too thin or two thick. The next step is to choose sweet potatoes, the most popular are taros, in Tay language called phuoc hac, if not could be replaced by other potatoes. Choosing big and delicious taros, and slice in pieces fit to a meat piece.  Arranging alternately taro slices and meat ones into a big plate, pouring spices: sources, salt, seasoning powder, peppercorns, and putting into the pot to cook in a low fire.  

When both the meat and taro slices is well-stewed, open the cover to put some fennels into each plate, when eating will feel the fragrance of fennels mixing with taros and meat to draw with full spices to create the feeling of fat when chewing.  

Eating this dish is also an art, the dish should always be let hot. When eating, eat the whole meat slice and taro and fennels. Many people for the first time eat enjoy the dish, see the big slice may be afraid but when already eating, they would sure like to eat more.