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Dragon fruit bread: An instant hit in Vietnam’s bakery market

February 21, 2020          891 views
(MOCST)- Bright pink breads made from dragon fruit have recently become hugely popular in Vietnam, winning much favour from customers. Creative bakers have invented to use up the tons of dragon fruit going unsold because of the coronavirus outbreak.
Massive amounts of dragon fruit have been going unsold in Vietnam, as the country shut down much of its trade with China due to coronavirus concerns. In an effort to use up the excess fruit, Ho Chi Minh City-based chain ABC Bakery developed a new recipe for bright pink bread, replacing 60% of the water in the dough with dragon fruit smoothie.

To support farmers, Kao Sieu Luc, founder of ABC Bakery in Ho Chi Minh City, added pink dragon fruit to his breads to enhance the flavour while also helping to buy the unsold fruit. The idea came to him during a recent trip to the Mekong Delta region, where he saw many ripe fruits left unharvested on dragon fruit farms.

Customers have described the bread as having a crunchy crust and a slightly sour taste with a beautiful colour that makes it stand out from normal bread.




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