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Hemibagrus, the fragrance of com me - The taste of the country side

June 01, 2009          959 views

(Cinet)- Living in the fresh water, hemibagrus is a type of siluriformes. Skilful cooks in the North often cook hemibagrus into many unique dishes. Such as hemibagrus mixing with lemons, frying hemibagrus with sauce, hemibagrus frying with garlic, fried hemibagrus, the steaming head of hemibagrus, the eggs of hemibagrus , soups of the head of hemibagrus, hot pot of hemibagrus...

To be simpler, in the Mekong river delta, the hemibagrus is processed into two popular dishes. That is the dish of hemibagrus cooking with a sort of sour soup and beaming heminagrus, the dishes meeting the requirement and suitable for the taste of local people. But in Chau Doc (An Giang), there appears toased hemibagrus. It can be said that  Chau Doc "capital" of fishes, then producing types of sources and a kind of fish being famous all over the world. Fish in the fresh water here are very plentiful in which are hemibagrus, big fishes, looks so attractive when being processed. If Northern people separate the meat of hemibagrus from pine, cutting each square slice, clamping to toast, in Chau Doc people keep intact the fish to toast in the coal fire. Well cooked fish, spreading the fragrance .. to make people greedy. Picking up one slice of hemibagrus to put onto the girdle cake to be arranged with fennels, carambola, acrid bananas, cucumber, soft noodles, and using with cơm mẻ with chilly. The sweet taste of the meat fish and the fragrance to survive the taste of fennels and the cool sweet tastes of the soft noodles, the acrid taste of fruits to make the dish more delicious. The sour taste and unique fragrance of com me like covering the teeth foot and chewing. The most funny feeling is to sit beside the coal fire to spread the warm smell that gas cookers can not have, both enjoy the toasted hemibagrus and drink wine, and confine with friends.